Scenario workshop on dual VET governance structures: Portugal

Scenario workshop on dual VET governance structures: Portugal

A scenario workshop aimed at strengthening the role of social partners in the governance of the VET system was conducted by the Portuguese team of NOVA University of Lisbon/CICS.NOVA. The workshop took place on November 12, 2021, and was conducted on-line due to pandemic restrictions in the country.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the largest employer’s confederation in the country (CIP), the two main trade unions (UGT and CGTP), the VET and Dual VET regulatory agencies (ANQEP and IEFP) and a training centre (CENFIM). Furthermore, exploratory interviews were conducted with experts in the education and training systems aimed at obtaining their perceptions on the future of Dual VET and the involvement of social partners in the governance of Apprenticeship.

Before the scenario meeting, participants were invited to express their views on the Agreement for Vocational Training and Qualification signed between the government and the social partners sitting on the Standing Committee for Social Dialogue (CPCS) on July, 28, 2021. The goal was to identify main categories of governance of the Apprenticeship system through a short questionnaire where they could change/improve their involvement.

The responses have shown different opinions confirmed by their interventions in the scenario workshop, in relation to their effective involvement in the governance of the Apprenticeship. Trade unions have no expectations on improvements or changes in their participation, stressing that their role would remain purely formal and would only act as training providers. Some trade unionist considered that more negotiations are needed after the Agreement, particularly on their involvement in the monitoring of the policies implemented, as well as on their participation process. Employer confederations had a more positive perspective, not only on their involvement in policy making but also on changes in the system regarding as a key measure to improve their decision-making the reactivation of the National Apprenticeship Commission (CNA), which had been extinct with the creation of the National Qualifications System.

Improvements on the social perceptions of Dual VET have been consensual as a necessary strategy for the enhancement of these training programmes in the country.

The results of the workshop are described in a report that will be available for download from the INVOLVE website.